Ever have one of those days.  You know the kind - when the beads you have chosen will not play well together and the crimps!  Well they just won't crimp.

This was my experience this week as I was getting ready for all the fun today.  You see, I just wanted to give the Beads my partner, Sarah, sent me, some love through good designs. 

It all began when Lori Anderson, amazing hostess with the mostest, decreed that she would once again host the Bead Soup Blog Party!  So awesome because I did not get to participate in any previous Soupy Parties.  I sat on the sidelines and oogled at everyone's creative contributions. 

This time, I was in!  Our hostess determined that this time would be a Bead Horders Edtion.  This meant that all we had to send was a special, horded bead in a pay-it-forward gesture of kindness to our partner. 

Lori paired me up with Sarah Strover of Beaupepys.  Sarah is from Conventry, England. 

I hmmed and hawed about what to send - because as you can imagine, I have a few beads lying around here:

Eventually, I sent Sarah some horded lampwork, some Kazuri beads and 2 of my own metal beads, made several years ago:

You can head over to Sarah's blog to see what she did with these. 

Sarah sent me some lovely beads, each with a fantastic story.  I hope I did the pretties justice. 

First, what Sarah called "the random lampwork ovals".  Sarah describes these beads as her lifeline to joy - starting her out on her beady journey. 

I was happy with the colour palette of the little lampworks as I have a couple of lines of jaspers that are perfect matches.  One of my self-imposed rules for this Party is to use up all those horded beads and bits of chain and whatever else I can find hidding in my stuff!

The jasper turned out to match nicely.  Then I found a vermeil connector and voila "instant" bracelet.  Well, ok, not so instant since I had to string and crimp things twice to get it how I wanted it (darn crimps anyways).  I am pretty pleased with the outcome:

The spacer beads are all brass that I got at a bead show - grab bags with 10-12 in each for $1.  Great deal!  The clasp and jumprings are Vintaj brass pieces. 

Here's a close up where you can see the glass beads blending nicely with the jaspers:

Next up, the lovely seraphenite drops.  Apparently, seraphenite is a strong healing stone that may help with healing and spiritual enlightenment.  Pretty cool.

I put the seraphenite with some copper and bronze stick beads that I made.  They used to be part of a statement necklace that broke.  They were hanging around, waiting for their new opportunity (something I have experience with...).  All are simply strung on some beading wire, to make a multistrand wire necklace. 

Next up is the green lampwork focal.  The colours are so spring like!  Perfect timing for winter weary folks. 

Sarah says she got this bead from the Beadfairy awhile back.  Beadfairy is on Etsy and has her own website as well.  I love the rustic, crusty beads in her Etsy shop!

I wanted to keep it simple.  I have paired this with a small lampwork round made by my friend Lori at Dragonfly Organics here on Vancouver Island.  Lori has an orphan bead dish out at all her shows and I snagged a bunch - which I promptly hid away for a rainy day!  I also have a couple of her lentil focals hiding in my stash too.  Sigh...

Anyway, this is on a long sterling chain and a fringe - which seems to be the popular style right now. 

And last, but certainly not least:

Isn't it pretty?!!  Sarah made this dodecahedron.  It's Swarovski around a read agate and it really sparkles.  This is special to Sarah as making these helped her to grow as a beader, designer and maker! 

This needed some supporting cast to highlight it's shine and the red agate inside.  Out came more of Lori's lampwork, lovely red ones this time, and more horded silver chain.  I really love how this one  turned out. 

You can purchase all of these in my shop HERE

A Super - Duper Big THANK YOU!   to our hostess, Lori Anderson. 

You can read all about BSBP 2017 over at her blog, Pretty Things.  You can also find the list of participants over there. 

Also, I am destashing beads (and perhaps supplies later) in the sister Facebook group to Bead Soup Cafe - so head on over and have a look (please be patient as you will need to be approved to join): *****NOTE: Destash Coming Soon*****

Bead Soup Cafe Sales and Destash

The Destash is a forerunner to bigger news - I am rebranding!  More on that later, but it means goodies and deals for y'all here at Silver Lynx Studio.  This site will remain up and and open and will likely have old, unclaimed pieces for sale.

And Pretty, Please visit all my fellow BSBP participants - Go to Lori's Blog, Pretty Things, to hop through the list!



Sarah S

Leona, I can't tell you what a joy it was to see the pieces you created. I worried when I sent my package that I hadn't given you enough to work with, but you had such beautiful ideas!

I love the lampwork and jasper bracelet, and I think it's awesome that we've both made coppery designs.

Thank you so much for giving me such beautiful materials, and nudging me just a little way out of my comfort zone so that I could continue on my beading journey :)

Leona Smith

Thank you Sarah! I loved what you did with Damaris' beads. Keep on going.


You did a great job with all of the beads you received. Very elegant treatment of the lampwork focal.

Leona Smith

Thank you Ann!

Ann Schroeder

Great designs! I especially love the stick necklace with your reused beads and the sparking dangle necklace at the end!

Leona Smith

Thank you. It was the lampwork and dangle that would not play nicely!


Really lovely work. I LOVE the stick necklace, and really enjoy what you did with the lampwork focal as well.

Leona Smith

**blush** - why thank you!

Elisabeth Matouschek

Very nice pieces - most I like the bracelet, so elegant and different!

Leona Smith

Nice! I like how different ones appeal to different people.


great pieces, inventive!good job!

Leona Smith

Thank you, Dorota!


Gorgeous designs - I love your green lampwork focal bead and your design accentuates it perfectly!

Leona Smith

Thank you Tracy. Just to be clear, the green lampwork is from Beadfairy (it's not mine).

Becky Pancake

Hi Leona, Your bracelet is lovely. The beads do play well together.m Your stick beads really show the serpentine to best advantage. Your simple design for the lovely lampworked bead let it steal the show. I like the red necklace too. I can't pick a favorite because I like them all.

Leona Smith

Oooh - thank you for your lovely comment.

Lovely creations!

CJ Bauschka

Sorry about that, I'm not Anonymous!!! lol Seriously your work is beautiful.

Leona Smith

Hi, there CJ - Thanks for the comment.

Terri Del Signore

Nice work!! My favorite is the necklace with the seraphenite!!

Leona Smith

Cool! That one came together nicely.


I love the beads! You did a great job with them all. I am coveting the swarovski dodecahedron!!

Leona Smith

Thanks! I think I like the dodecahedron best too!

Hannah Rosner

You've done a really wonderful job, even if the crimps weren't behaving. Have fun with the Destash and the Rebrand! I know it'll be incredibly good.

Leona Smith

Thank you Hannah. Yeah, sometimes crimps are a pain in the patootie!

Janine Lucas

Such beautiful designs. The jasper is definitely working well with the lampies. Both your necklaces are gorgeous. I love your copper stick beads.

Leona Smith

Thank you Janine. Maybe I should make some sticks for sale since so many like them. They are versatile for sure.

Dorothy Supri

You are a great story teller! And, I think we have all had those days when nothing goes right, things break, yet you MUST create! Your pieces turned out fantastic! Look forward to hearing of your new adventures.

Leona Smith

Thanks Dorothy. I had fun with this.

Barb Fernald

Wow, you did a lot and did it so well. I love all of your pieces. Especially the simplicity of the chain with that glass focal. Nice job!

Leona Smith

Thanks for stopping by, Barb.

maria rosa sharrow

All of your pieces are beautiful! I especially love the bracelet and am enamored with the copper stick necklace, what a great way to reuse those copper sticks, they look like they were made for that necklace!

Leona Smith

Aw, so sweet. Thanks!

Elizabeth Hodges

Beautiful collection! Great job!

Leona Smith

thank you, thank you.


All the pieces are so elegant. I love the daggers that you made. I have some hoarded Beadfairy I may have to do something with so they can see the light of day.

Leona Smith

Yeah, I have many horded beads...they should come out and play!

Joyce Becker

Lampwork, lampwork, lampwork... what is it about lampwork that draws me in like a magnet. I have always loved it (those beads were my first love in beading). Your use of the big lamp focal is lovely. (as well as all of your other pieces too). Great job, great soup.

Leona Smith

There is so much lovely lampwork out there - that's what gets me!

Joan Williams

A great soup - especially love that green lampwork focal - and your designs are the perfect showcase!

Leona Smith

Thanks so much, Joan!

Kelly Schermerhorn

Lovely, all of them, everything! I think you found the perfect means to show off your soup. Your bracelet is so delicate looking and feminine with great colors. The finding in the middle is perfect for this piece. The silver chain with the green glass focal is my personal favorite. That bead is stunning, and the shiny chain & tassle make it really stand out. Well done.

Leona Smith

Wow, Kelly! Thanks for your kind words.

Rachel Mallis

Such beautiful work! I love the organic simplicity of them! I think my fav is the necklace with the seraphenite drops. Gorgeous!

Leona Smith

Yes, my work always seems to have an organic feel to it. Thank you!


All of your pieces came together beautifully. However, it's that seraphenite necklace that really grabs my attention. There's just something about all those spiky drops together that make it quite eye-catching! Wonderful job with it all!

Leona Smith

Thank you thank you!

Dyanne Everett-Cantrell

Wow! Your soup is fabulous. The necklace with the stick beads is my favorite! It screams WEAR ME!!

Leona Smith

Thank you, Dyanne.

Lori Anderson

Seraphinite is relatively rare, so very cool you have some! I always like tassels, and the crystal pendant is beautiful!

Awesome work!

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