What was on my worktable this wednesday? 



This is the result of working on my art charms (mailed last Monday) amidst other unfinished projects. I am afflicted with clutter and what apprears to be complete chaos, especially when working to a deadline. 

If I look closely at my table, I can see at least 2 unfinished monthly challenges for blogs like Art Bead Scene and Earrings Everyday, along with left over unfinished items that didn't quite make completion for my last show.  There are batches of fired silver that need chains and findings or other beads to make them into something.  I see old pieces needing to be reworked into something new. 

It's a very small space, so organization of it is paramount - but apparently not priority!  It's not the only spot in my small home that grows clutter.  The kitchen island has a magnetic attraction with paper and more recently my art journal supplies.  The couch attracts books and videos.  Blarg!

In the book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui,  Karen Kingston writes: 

Clutter accumulates when energy stagnates and, likewise, energy stagnates when clutter accumulates.  So the clutter begins as a symptom of what is happening with you in your life and then becomes part of the problem itself because the more of it you have, the stagnant energy it attracts to itself.


Um, well OK then.  

I know I am not the only person afflicted with this.  Many other bead and jewellery artists have shared their worktables in states like this.  We see it as creative (even when we can't find that one special bead we wanted for that design).  And since so many of us share this affliction, we feel "normal" that it is also happening for us.  

I am declaring it is time. 

Time for Clearing of Clutter and Releasing of Stuck Energy.  

Who's with me?**



Karen Kingston recently wrote a blog post about making way to the new - have a look:


**Since creating this post, my landlord has decided to sell, so I have already been busy cleaning up! 


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