Fairy Tale Art Charm Reveal and Blog Hop


Alright everyone, gather round.  Time to grab your favourite cuppa (tea, coffee, other beverage) and get cozy.


First, let me tell you about my charms.  You saw a sneak peek here.  Did you guess what they are yet?  No?!?

Let me introduce my Magic Wands:

Fairy Tale: Theme for the Art Charm Swap

The theme for the Art Charm Swap as chosen by Jen over at Glass Addictions is.....




Castles, princesses, magic and wicked queens, oh my!

Fairy Tales for me have always had an abundance of magic and wonder, but also a large dollop of creepiness. 

Art Charm Auction - Coming Soon!

As mentioned in this post, I joined an Art Charm swap this year. 

Our hostess, Jen Cameron over at Glass Addictions, put out the call back in May for artisans to participate in the swap and auction for Beads of Courage.  She then gathered all our charms, divided them up and sent a new package back out to each of us.